Music is Broken

Our goal is to solve that problem.

On Headlights private hiphop network artists don't wait for success, they go out and get it themselves....

Our virtual events, interactive voting, and Headlights Leaderboard give artists a way to put themselves on stage...

The whole system provides the fan with a real-time view of the top hiphop around the country. voted on by YOU.

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Interactive Hiphop Events

Artists can succeed by activating and rallying their fans to hype them in the competition.

Artist Deeplinks

Deeplinks collect and share your views, votes, and streaming data to allow you to capture fans all over the world.

Headlights Leaderboard

Use our personalized marketing tools to increase your exposure, win profile points by posting music videos in our events, and work your way up the Leaderboard

Compete in your city

Events and Leaderboards are based on Location. Find out who is the top aritst in your city.

Grow your fanbase

Represent your day-one fans, represent your city, represent your country in our exclusive Headlights Main Events. Grow your local fanbase, and gain national exposure.

Gain media exposure

Use our Leaderboard system to qualify for Paid Media Campaigns, live show bookings, National Media Exposure. Stand out for record execs looking for talent.


Stop wasting $$ on paid instagram ads. Join headlights and put your music in front of a targeted hiphop audience!!

  • Create your artist profile (its free).
  • Upload a video.
  • Connect with all your social + steaming platforms.
  • Use your artist deeplink to collect votes/views & connect with new fans

How it works

We give the artists promotional tools. The fan gets an exciting music discovery experience.

Request an Artist Profile to compete in your city!

Fill out basic artist data to complete your Artist profile and represent your city. Once confirmed you can upload music and connect to all our social media & streaming links. We make it super easy for fans to connect to your music!

It's completely free!

Join competitions to promote your music

Our competitions run regularly to give you maximum exposure....compete as often as you want!! We put paid media behind artists during the competitions to put the spotlight on you. Headlights is a proving ground for talented hiphop artists who want to get discovered by labels and fans.

Use our platform as to build your brand and launch your career.

Grow your brand

Use your deep-link to seamlessly connect with your fans on any social media platform, get them to vote for your music and hype you up in the competition. Our competitions are designed to give you national exposure by putting you in front of targeted hiphop fans.

On average our "Session" give you 17x more exposure for your music than traditional IG promotion.

Unlock Rewards

Check out the Artist Reward section to see how to unlock daily rewards. Top artists get access to paid media campaigns, label networking opportunities, celebrity music reviews, live show bookings, "media days", and VIP experiences.

Headlights is a proving ground where labels and talent to connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this cost money?

    No! This is a FREE PLATFORM for both fans and artists. Eventually we will be adding more services to help Artist promote themselves. But the basic platform will always be free for everyone.

  • Headlights is a free platform to showcase your talent. We give you custom marketing material to share with your fans. Top artists earn paid media campaigns, live show bookings, and exclusive deals... so the more you share and get votes the more you leverage our network and our resources. You compete for visibility during our contestests. Then we reward you for winning. Get rewarded for your hustle. Super simple concept.

  • This is a music contest platform. Artist compete for visibility in our short-term 4 days contests. Fan can votes for their favorite music and discover new artists by browsing from city to city.

  • Voting is super easy!. When the contest starts each user gets a certain number of votes available. Each time you vote or share you earn POINTS. Eventually, those votes will help you boost your strenght. Your votes replenish every 15 min. So the more you vote, the more influence you gain. All votes are specific to that city, so keep voting then scrolling through the artists!

  • This platform is designed for serious artists ONLY. Building your local fanbase is a high priority for all artists. Our contests are city specific, meaning > You are only competing with artists from your area. However, all city contests run at the same time Choosing your city helps you establish a local fanbase which is vital to your career.


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